Thomas Li

I'm a software engineer and scientist interested in research that improves the quality, accessibility, and efficiency of healthcare. On the side, I enjoy drawing, painting, and designing. I grew up in the bay area of California, graduated from Duke, and now live in Chicago.

Here on my website, I have my recent research and artwork. Thanks for visiting!

Papers and Presentations

Predicting Neonatal Encephalopathy From Maternal Data in Electronic Medical Records.

AMIA 2018 Informatics Summit, 2018.

Presentation Slides
Thomas Li, Cheng Gao, Chao Yan, Sarah Osmundson, Bradley A. Malin, You Chen
Dynamics and mechanisms of intracellular calcium waves elicited by tandem bubble-induced jetting flow.

PNAS, 2017.
Fenfang Li, Chen Yang, Fang Yuan, Defei Liao, Thomas Li, Farshid Guilak, and Pei Zhong

Validation and Implementation of Wide and Deep Learning for Surgical Risk Prediction At the Point-Of-Care.

In Review.
Zhifei Sun MD, Ouwen Huang, Elizabeth Lorenzi, Bora Chang, Megan Turner, Joseph Futoma, Thomas Li, Katherine Heller, Christopher Mantyh, Erich Huang

Dynamics study of a laser-induced bubble on a finite metallic surface in water.

AIP Advances, 2017.
Hao Qiang, Bing Han, Jun Chen, Chen Yang, Thomas Li, Yunxiang Pan, Zhonghua Shen, Jian Lu, and Xiaowu Ni

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